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Worksheets 4 No.1 Full name: Assembly line No. 38 Standard number of full time workers: 10 (Factory utilization rate is 75%) Maximum number of full time workers: 12 (Factory utilization rate is 90%) Maximum number of part-time (seasonal) workers: 10 Wage ratio: A full time/A part time = 1/5 (This means cost of labor of a full time employee will be equal to the costs of 5 part timers) Highest demand (June to August) Lowest demand (October to March) Preparation demand for the season (April to May) Forecast of the number of employees needed each month Month Full time Part time Notes Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Worksheets 4 No.2 Full name: Employee Requisition Blank for the Job Application Blank (Seven-Eleven) 1: Qualification (Required Info for the application) 2: Items for written tests Worksheets 4 No.3     This position calls for people who are adept at both assisting and leading. In the role of assistant, you’ll support the Store Manager in all aspects of the store’s operation – a responsibility you’ll prepare for through a training sequence that teaches you 7-Eleven’s Retailer Initiative strategy, Retail Information System, inventory management and ordering technology. The leadership part of the job begins after this training – when you will forecast, order, stock and merchandise product; reconcile store paperwork; set the tone for courteous customer service; and share management of the store staff.  What Will You Do? Forecast, order, stock and merchandise product Ensure prompt reconciliation of store paperwork Ensure prompt, efficient and courteous customer service  Maintain a clean, customer friendly environment Assist with management of store staff Getting There We believe great training is the foundation for exceptional performance. The Assistant Store Manager training program teaches you the retail business using our state-of-the-art Retail Information System and Career Path training…