Describe a difference between traditional cost systems and ABC cost systems.

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Describe a difference between traditional cost systems and ABC cost systems. Match the activities to the appropriate level they are grouped in: processing purchase orders design new products hire a new employee process a unit in the manufacturing process organization sustaining unit level product level batch level Apex’s ABC activity information is as follows: total cost total activity activity rate customer orders 315,000 1000 orders product design 257,000 200 designs order size 380,000 20000 machine hours customer relations 367,500 100 customers other 490,500 n/a Compute the activity rate for all applicable activities above. Apex manufactures 2 models of sailboats, the standard and the deluxe. standard boat activity rate activity ABC cost allocation customer order 2 orders product design 0 designs order size 200 machine hours customer relations n/a deluxe boat activity customer order 1 orders product design 1 designs order size 100 machine hours customer relations n/a Use the activity rate from above in #4 in the activity rate column. Compute the ABC cost allocation above. What are 2 advantages of budgeting? Why is self-imposed budgeting better than budgets that are just imposed from top management down? The _________________ budget should always be prepared first. List 3 different types of budgets. True or False – managers should be punished for missing a budget target. Why is it important to identify only the relevant costs when making decisions? Sherri is going to Chicago to see her friend Ryan. She is trying to decide which is cheaper, driving or riding the train. Following is a list of costs that Sherri has compiled in relation to the trip. Identify which costs are relevant (R). _________…