There are 6 total questions for accounting……..You will see it when you open attached document that is attached. It a word document six different questions that needs to be solved

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1. (TCO 7) Elliot’s Escargots sells commercial and home snail extraction tools and serving pieces. Currently, the snail extraction line of products takes up approximately 50 percent of the company’s retail floor space. The CEO of Elliot’s wants to decide if the company should continue offering snail extraction tools or focus only on serving pieces. If the snail extraction tools are dropped, salaries and other direct fixed costs can be avoided and serving piece sales would increase by 13 percent. Allocated fixed costs are assigned based on relative sales.   Snail Extraction Serving     Tools Pieces Total Sales $1,200,000 $800,000 $2,000,000 Less cost of goods sold 700,000 500,000 1,200,000 Contribution margin 500,000 300,000 800,000 Less direct fixed costs:    Salaries 175,000 175,000 350,000  Other 60,000 60,000 120,000 Less allocated fixed costs:    Rent 14,118 9,882 24,000  Insurance 3,529 2,471 6,000  Cleaning 4,117 2,883 7,000  Executive salary 76,470 53,530 130,000  Other 7,058 4,942 12,000 Total costs 340,292 308,708 649,000 Net income $159,708  ($ 8,708)  $151,000 Prepare an incremental analysis in good form to determine the incremental effect on profit of discontinuing the snail extraction tool line. Paschal’s Parasailing Enterprises has estimated that fixed costs per month are $115,600 and variable cost per dollar of sales is $0.35 (6 points).   What is the break-even point per month in sales? What level of sales is needed for a monthly profit of $70,000? For the month of August, Paschal’s anticipates sales of $600,000. What is the expected level of profit? 3. (TCO 6) Princess Cruise Lines has the following service departments; concierge, valet, and maintenance.  Expense for these departments are allocated to Mediterranean and Trans Atlantic cruises.  Expenses for the departments are totaled (both variable and components are combined) and as follows:  …