Do the following:

Write a 500 word essay discussing the attached WellCare of Kentucky Managed Care Contract while

answering the following questions:

What is the function of the contract

What are the terms of the contract

Why is it important to specify the terms of the contract

Who monitors and evaluates the contracts

What is the process for monitoring and evaluating the contracts

Use MS Word or WordPad to complete your assignment

Document Preview:

Medicaid Managed Care Contract WellCare of Kentucky, Inc.Table of Contents 1. Preamble 2. Definitions 3. Abbreviations and Acronyms 4. Contractor Terms 4.1 Contractor Representations and Warranties 4.2 Organization and Valid Authorization 4.3 Licensure of the Contractor – To Be Supplemented 4.4 Fiscal Solvency 4.5 Licensure of Providers 4.6 Ownership or Controlling Interest/Fraud and Abuse 4.7 Pending or Threatened Litigation 5. Contractor Functions 5.1 Performance Standards 5.2 Administration and Management 5.3 Delegations of Authority 5.4 Contractor Conformance with Applicable Law, Policies and Procedures 6. Department Policies and Procedures 6.1 Commonwealth and Federal Law 6.2 Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action 6.3 Employment Practices 6.4 Governance 6.5 Access to Premises 7. Subcontracts 7.1 Subcontractor Indemnity 7.2 Requirements 7.3 Disclosure of Subcontractor 7.4 Remedies 8. Contract Term 8.1 Term 8.2 Effective Date for Payment 8.3 Social Security 8.4 Contractor Attestation 9. Readiness Review 10. Organization 10.1 Administration/Staffing 111. Capitation Payment Information 11.1 Monthly Payment 11.2 Payment in Full 11.3 Payment Adjustments 11.4 Contractor Recoupment from Member for Fraud, Waste and Abuse 12. Rate Component 12.1 Calculation of Rates 12.2 Rate Adjustments 12.3 Risk Adjustments 12.4 Rate Proposals 12.5 Physician Compensation Plans 12.6 Contractor Provider Payments 13. Service Area 14. Contractor’s Financial Security Obligations 14.1 Solvency Requirements and Protections 14.2 Contractor Indemnity 14.3 Insurance 14.4 Advances, Distributions and Loans 14.5 Accumulated Fund Deficit 14.6 Provider Risks 15. Third Party Resources 15.1 Coordination of Benefits (COB) 15.2 Third Party Liability 16. Management Information System 16.1 Contractor MIS Requirements 16.2 Member Subsystem 16.3 Third Party Liability (TPL) Subsystem…