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1) A company that provides training, certification and consulting services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations in applying best practices in balanced scorecard (BSC), strategic performance management and measurement, and transformation and change management has a customer success story on its website at ? HYPERLINK “” ? Click on the Award for Excellence link (on the right-side of the page) and read the story about Mecklenburg County, which successfully transformed the county government and positioned it for tough times. Summarize the success story and explain how it relates to what you have learned in this course this week. 2) Your uncle is working in a company managing their investment center. You approach him with the sales of a large piece of equipment that can help the company save money in the end. Your uncle explains to you that they can’t purchase the equipment because they don’t want their ROI to decrease in value. What will be your persuasive argument to help them see more possibilities? Notes from readings Return on Investment (ROI) and Residual Income????Costs and segment reporting can be important areas to measure management performance with, but this is not enough to evaluate the investment manager’s performance. There are a couple of methods to do this effectively, and they include the return on investment (ROI) formula and residual income. These are covered below: Return on investment = Net operating income / Average operating assets Net operating income is income before taxes and interest. Average operating assets include cash, accounts receivable, inventory and property, plant and equipment, as well as other assets used in operations. We can expand the ROI formula out to give us more pieces and the ability to identify problem areas we can improve. That formula is: ROI = (Net operating income / Sales) x…