management of this company need assistance to determined the best sale and production mix for the company yr here is the data/ product marcy- next yr unit=26k selling price per unit=35k direct material 3.50 cents direct laboe= 4.60 cents/ product tina- next yr 42k per unit selling price= 24k direct material = 2.30 cents direct labor 3.00/ cari product 40k selling price = 22k direct material4.50 cents; direct labor= 8.40 cents/ lenny product- 45k selling price 18k direct material 3.10 direct labor 6.99/ sewing kit 450k selling price per unit 14k direct material 1.50 cents direct labor 2.49cents/ the company plant has a capacity of 150k direct labor hrd per yr on a single shift bases. this company present staff and equipment can produce all 5 product. the direct labor rate of 12.00 per hr is expect to remain our chain during the coming yr. fix cost total 356k per yr variable cost are 4.00 direct labor hr. all of this company non manufacture cost are fixed. the company finish goods inventory can be ignored. question I ned to determined the contribution margin per direct labor hr expend on each product.. I need to prepare a schedule showing the total direct labor hrs that will be require to produce the unit estimate to be sold during the coming yr. I need to examine the data/ how would u allocate the 150k direct labor hrs of capicaity to this company different product.. what is the highest price in term of rate per hr that this company should be willing to pay for additional capacity 4 added direct labor time. I need to explain in ways that this company might be able to obtain additional output so it would not have to leave some demand for its product unsatisy can u assit me with the asnswer jac dumb