For each of the following, indicate whether is is a characteristic of a:

A. physical data flow diagram

B. logical data flow diagram

C. systems flowchart

1. A graphical representation of a system showing the system’s processes, data stores and the flow of data into and out of the processes and data stores.

2. Used by auditors and managers to understand a system and to analyze a system’s controls.

3. Depicts a system’s infrastructure.

4. Depicts the sequence of activities performed as the business events flow through the process

5. Includes the operations process and management context for a system.

6. Labels on flows of data describe the nature of the data but not how the data are transmitted.

7. Presents a logical and physical rendering of the who, how and where of information and operations processes.

8. Processes are labeled with nouns.

9. Processes are labelled with verbs.

10. Provides a complete picture of a system by combining the physical and logical aspects of the system.

11. Represents what activities the system is performing, but not how, where or by whom.

12. Specifies where, how and by whom a system’s processes are accomplished.