Reporting category Item

T. Trading securities ___ 1. 35% of the nonvoting preferred stock of American Aircraft Company.

M. Securities held-to-maturity ___ 2. Treasury bills to be held to maturity.

A. Securities available-for-sale ___ 3. Two-year note receivable from affiliate.

E. Equity method ___ 4. Accounts receivable.

C. Consolidation ___ 5. Treasury bond maturing in one week.

N. None of these ___ 6. Common stock held in trading account for immediate resale.

___ 7. Bonds acquired to profit from short-term differences in price.

___ 8. 35% of the voting common stock of Computer Storage Devices Company.

___ 9. 90% of the voting common stock of Affiliated Peripherals, Inc.

___ 10. Corporate bonds of Primary Smelting Company to be sold if interest rates fall 1/2%.

___ 11. 25% of the voting common stock of Smith Foundries Corporation: 51% family-owned by Smith family; fair value determinable.

___ 12. 17% of the voting common stock of Shipping Barrels Corporation; Investor’s CEO on the board of directors of Shipping Barrels Corporation.


Indicate (by letter) the way each of the investments listed below most likely should be accounted for based on the information provided.