Variable cost per unit-direct material=6 dollar; direct labor=12 dollar; variable factory overhead=4 dollar; variable selling=3 dollar/ total variable cost per unit=25 dollar– fix cost per month-fix manufacturing overhead=240,000; fix selling=180.000 total fix cost per month=420,000– the product sell for 40 dollar per unit; production and sale data for month of may and june-unit produce-may=30,000- june=30,000/unit sold may=26,00 in june 34,000/ LIncome statement prepare by the account dept using absorbition cost- Sale may=1040.000 june=1,360.00/ cost of good sold in may=780.00 in june=1020.000/ gross margin in may =260.000 in june=540;000/ selling exp in may=258.000 in june =282,000/ question- i need to determine the unit product cost under a. absorption cost ansd variable costing/ question i need to prepare contrbustion format variable costing income statement for may and june/ question i need to reconcile the variable costing and absortion costing net operation income/ question-the company account dept has determined the break even point to be 28,000 unit- per month- fix cost per month = 420, 000-unit cost margin=15 per unit= 28,000. upon reviewing the data the company president say something is fisht with theses data. the company account dept says the breakeven point is 28,000 unit per month. yet we only saw 26;000 unit in may. yet the income recieve show only 2;000 profit/ which figure do we believe/ question i needto prepare a brief expain what happen on the income statement 4 the month of may