variable cost per unit/direct material=25dollar; direct labor=6 dollar; variable manufacture overhead=5 dollar; varaiable selling adm=2 dollar fix cost per yr-fix manufacturing overhead=300;000; fix selling/adm exp=180;000 -During the ist-iyr of operation; this company produce 60;000 unit and sold 60;000 unit/ during the 2nd yr it produce 70,000 unit and sold 50;00 unit. in the third yr;this company produce 40,000 unit and sold 65;00 unit. the selling price of the company product is 56 dollar per unit/ question i need to answer- i need to find the breakeven point that it sold. assume the company use variable costing 1. comute the unit product cost for ist yr; 2nd yr; and 3rd yr i need to prepare a income statement for the ist yr; 2nd yr and 3 rd yr/ question-Assume this company use absorption cost i need to compute the unit cost for 1st yr; 2nd yr and 3rd yr/ question i need to compare the net operation income figure that require 2nd yr; 3rd yr to get the breaing point/ question which net operating income figure seem counteeintutes and why/ can u assit me with facts and solution please jacdumb