there are 5 scenarios in the assignment and each scenario has 2 or 3 issues that should be responded in respect to that issues.

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? Business School BULAW 5916 TAXATION LAW & PRACTICE ASSIGNMENT [Summer2014] ?? INSTRUCTIONS See the Instructions and Assessment Criteria in the Course Description and make sure you follow them! Please answer all parts of the question Attached to this document is a Checklist to be filled in by you and attached to your essay/assignment. Read this now before you start your research. If you have followed this checklist, there is a good chance you will do well. All work presented for assessment in this Unit must comply with the format outlined in the University’s Presentation of Academic Work publication, available from the bookshop or on-line at ? HYPERLINK “” ? All assignments must be accompanied by a signed official cover sheet (‘Plagiarism Declaration Form’), available at and lodged as appropriate for your campus. You MUST reference in the body of the essay every time you use information from other people. This requires you to keep a track of where you are taking information from and then writing the reference up. You should use the Harvard/APA style; and use the University’s new Presentation of Academic Work. The Library’s website also has a citation style guide site. If you plagiarise (intentionally OR unintentionally) you will be given zero: see Regulation 6.1.1 for more details. Assignments must be 1,500 to 2,000 words. You will probably write more initially but you should then look to see if you are making your points directly and clearly. LAST DUE DATE: [Insert date due] If you need an extension you must ask for one BEFORE the due date (unless this is impossible), and you will goods grounds. The essay/assignment is worth 25% (ie 25 marks). Assignment John Jones runs a small practice providing accounting and taxation services to local businesses. During 2009/10 he billed fees of $35,000…