Hertige inc/ this company provide garden design; lanscape service. the company use job order company system to track cost of its landscape progect/. the data below provide 3 landscape project that were in process in the month of may/ William-design hrs 200/ direct material 4,800/ direct labor 2,400/ Chandler- design hrs=80; direct matariel=1,800; direct labor=1,000/ Smith- design hrs=120; direct material=3,600 direct labor=1,500/ overhead unit was 16;00 in may. base on the hrs of design hrs relate to the cost of garden design. The overhead rate is 45 dollar per design hrs. the william and chandler project was completed in may/ yet smith was not completed in may/ question 1.compare the amount of overhead cost that would have been apply to each project durning the month of may./ question 2. Determine the cost of goods 4 the month of may/ question 3 what is the accumalate cost of the work in process at the end of month/ question 4/ i need to determined the overhead in may/ can u assit me jacdumb 2022567021