Law firm inc/ this small law firm has 10 partners and 10 support partner. this firm use a job orde costing system to accumlate change to each department they have 2 dept/ 1. reserach dept and 2. document dept/ this firm prorate to charge department / spo dept can charge clients/ 1. Dept/ reserch/ document- resrech hours 20,000/ 2. direct attorney hrs =9,000/ 3. material and suplly= 10;0004. direct attorney cost=430,00/ 4. direct overhead cost=700,000/ Litagtion/ 1. reserch hr=0 2. direct attorney hrs= 16,000/ 3. material and supply- 5000/ 4. direct attorney cost= 800.000/ 45 direct overheadcost=320,00/ the cost charge to each client are made up of material and supply needs; direct attorney cost; cost income and amount of overhead for each deptDept-record hrs 18rs/ ligation =0/ 2. direct attorney hrs=94hr/ ligation= 42hrs/ material and supply =30hrs for ligation =30hrs/ Direct attorney cost is 410/ ligation direct cost is 2,100/ question 1. compare the overhead rate using the ist year/ question 2. would would be the total cost charge/ question 3.At the end of the yr the law firm record reveal actual operation data during the year/ Dept-research hrs-23,00, directattorney hrs-8,000, material and supply =19,000, direct attorney hrs =400,00. dept overhead cost=770.00/ ligation-research hrs=0; direct attorney hrs=15,00; material and supply=6,00; direct attorney cost=275;00; direct overhead cost-300,000 i need to determine the amount in each dept for the yrs / can u assit me jacdumb