Durham inc this company use job costing system; the following took place last year/ a. raw material require 4 use in production; 40,000 80 percent direct and 20 percent indirect/ b. factory cost incurred= 14,600/ c. deprecication on plant and equpiment=28,00 3/4 of deperication relate to factory equipment/ d. Cost 4 salary and wages direct labor=40,00 indirect 18,000 sale commision = 25,00/ e. insurance cost =3,000/ f. mis expe= 18.000/g overhead was apply to production on the business of 15 percent of direct labor cost/ h. goods that cost =130;00 were transefer to warehose/i goods that cost 120,00 to manfacture were sold 4 200,000/ question 1. i need to determine the overhead for the year/ question 2 i need to prepare a income statement 4 the year/ can u assit me with these question please jac dumb 2022567021