Terri hall inc/ this company a fashion store that sells sheer elegences. this owner ms terri/ wants to adapt the cost volumme profit -cvp terri hall inc prepare anaysis/ Sale-price per stocking 2.00/ Varabl expenes per sale of stocking 80 cents/ contribut margin= 1.20 cents/ Expeneses per yr=12,000/ equpiment deperication=3,000/sale=30,000/ Admin=15,000 total= 60,000/ qiestion1-how many pair of stocking must be sold to breakeven/question 2.I need to prepare a cvp from pair up to 70,000 pair of stocking sold each yr/ and what is the breakeven point/ question 3 how many pair of stocking must be sold to earn 9,000 target profit 4 the year/ question 4. terri hall wants to hire i full time staff and 1 partime staff. by hiring fulltime and partime staff at salary pf 8,000 ys; she think it will bring 20;000 in sale each yr should ms terri hall hire staff or not and why teri hall inc data Sale=125.000/ Varable expe =50.000/ contribute margin = 75,000/ fix expenes = 60;000/ noi net operation income = 15.000question 4 what is the store degree of operation levarage; this owner think with this plan; sale will increase 20 percent/ question 5. what will be the percent of operation income/ can u answer these question 4 me and give me the solution please jacdumb 2022567021