merlin ic/ a whole sale inc has been operation few months. this companyproduct is sink; mirror and vanity. budget sale by product and total for the month/ sale-240,00, variable exp 72,000/ contribite magin is 168,000./ mirror sale=100,000; varable exp=80,000/ contribute margin is 20,000/ vanity sale is 160;00; variable expe=88,000, contribite margin is 72,000/ total sale=500,000/ total variable exp=240,00/ total contibute margin = 260;000 fix exp=223,00/ net operation =36,000/ question 1. if variable expenes increase as percent of sale then the contrubition margin will decrease as perent of sale/ is this true or fales and why.. From this data net operation income is at 36,000 4 the month and breakeven sale at 430,00. Say the actual sale 4 the month total 500,000 as plan. Actual sale by product are sink=160,000; mirror is 200,000 and vanity is 140,000. i need to prepare a income statement 4 the month on actual sale. also need to show the income statement. question 2. i need to know the breakeven point in sale 4 the month on this data./ question 3.the company net sale 4 the month is 500,000, the owner of the company is shock of the result./ the breakeven point in sale are different and why / can u please answer these question and give me the solution to the answer please dumb jac 2022567021