On February 1 of year 1, Richard, Mike, Patrick, and Sean form Brothers Corp and transfer the following items: Property Transferred Transferor Asset Basis to Transferor FMV Number of Common Shares Issued Richard Land 12000 30000 400 Building 38000 70000 Mortgage on Land and Building 60000 60000 Mike Machines 25000 40000 300 Patrick Truck 15000 10000 50 Sean Legal Services 0 10000 100 Richard purchased the building and land several years ago, $50,000 for the building, and $12,000 for the land. Depreciation has been claimed using the straight line method. In addition to the machines, Mike received a note from Brothers corp. due in 3 years for $10,000 at the market interest rate. Mike originally purchase the machines 3 years ago for $50,000. In addition to the truck, Patrick received a cash payment of $5,000. Patrick’s truck is 2 years old with an original price of $20,000.

(a) Does the transaction meet the requirements of section 351?

(b) What are the amounts of the gains or losses recognized by Richard, Mike, Patrick, Sean, and Brothers?

(c) What is each shareholder’s basis in their Brothers stock? When does the holding period for the stock begin?

(d) What is Brothers’ basis in its property and services? When does the holding period for each property begin?