On July 1, 20×1, Littleton Inc. loaned a key supplier of raw material $2,000,000 to construct a new processing facility. The loan is due on July 1, 20×3 and pays interest each December 31 and June 30. The supplier insisted on a variable rate loan. The controller of Littleton wants to avoid the risk of variable rate fluctuation and entered into an interest rate swap in which it will pay the variable rate on $2,000,000 in exchange for a fixed rate of 8.3%. The swap is settled on the interest payment dates. Variable interest rates and the value of the swap on selected dates are as follow:

Variable rate Value of the swap

July1, 20×1 7.9%

December 31, 20×1 7.75% 10,400

Prepare all journal entries to record this hedge through December 20×1.