Preparation of a Statement of Cash Flows)

Presented below is a condensed version of the comparative balance sheets for Sondergaard Corporation for the last two years at December 31.

2010 2009

Cash $157,000 $78,000

Accounts receivable 180,000 185,000

Investments 52,000 74,000

Equipment 298,000 240,000

Less: Accumulated depreciation (106,000) (89,000)

Current liabilities 134,000 151,000

Capital stock 160,000 160,000

Retained earnings 287,000 177,000

Additional information:

Investments were sold at a loss (not extraordinary) of $7,000; no equipment was sold; cash dividends paid were $50,000 and net income was $160,000.

(a) Prepare a statement of cash flows for 2010 for Sondergaard Corporation. (List multiple entries from the largest positive to the smallest positive amount followed by the most negative to the least negative amount,