The plant manager decides that what is needed is an objective appraisal of what should be done. He hires

June Collins of Collins and Collins, CPAs. June recommends that the Charlotte plant should use standard cost

variance analysis. While not all three product managers agree that this is the best course of action the plant

manager makes the final decision and asks June to perform the analysis. June asks that the three product

managers aggregate their production information. The following schedule is the result of the request.

Variance Analysis

Variance Stated as Variance

Materials Price Variance Per ounce price Favorable

Materials Quantity Variance Ounce per unit Unfavorable

Labor Rate Variance Per hour Unfavorable

Labor Efficiency Variance Time per unit Favorable


1. Explain how each of the above variances could be explained.

2. Explain how the variances could explain the following situations: For instance: Inspection time increase

could be caused by either poor material leading to sub-quality products or using cheaper more

inexperienced labor. This would result in a favorable materials price variance and/or an unfavorable

labor efficiency variance indicating that the workers are taking too long to construct the product.

Each of the below situations are to be considered independent

Scrap Material decreased

Return Orders increased

Rework Time decreased

Average Unit Cost increased

Unexpected Downtime increased

Sales was less than budgeted

Volume-related revenue was less than anticipated (in this instance the company is selling