Identify accounts by category and financial statement(s). Listed here are a number of financial statement captions. Indicate in the spaces to the right of each caption the category of each item and the financial statement(s) on which the item can usually be found. Use the following abbreviations:

Category Financial Statement

Asset A Balance Sheet BS

Liability L Income Statement IS

Owners’ Equity OE

Revenue R

Expense E

Gain G

Loss LS

Accumulated depreciation _____ ______

Long-term debt _____ _____

Equipment ______ ______

Loss on sale of short-term investments _____ ______

Net income _____ _____

Merchandise Inventory _____ _____

Other accrued liabilities _____ ______

Dividends paid _____ _____

Cost of goods sold _____ _____

Additional paid-in capital _____ _____

Interest income _____ _____

Selling Expense _____ _____