A corp. makes 8000 units of part G25 each year. This part is used in one of the company’s products. The company’s accounting department reports the following costs of producing the part at this level of activity:

Per unit

Direct materials $6.70

Direct labor $8.10

Variable Manufacturing Overhead $1.10

Supervisors salary $2.00

Depreciation of Special equipment $4.20

Allocated general overhead $2.10

An outside supplier has offered to make and sell the part to the company for $21.20 each. If this offer is accepted, the supervisor’s salary and all the variable costs, including direct labor, can be avoided. The special equipment used to make the part was purchased many years ago and has no salvage value or other use. The allocated general overhead represents fixed costs of the entire company. If the outside supplier’s offer were accepted, only $2000 of these allocated general overhead costs would be avoided. In addition, the space used to produce the part G25 would be used to make more of one of the company’s other products, generating additional segment margin of $16,000 per year for that product. What would be the impact on the company’s overall net operating income of buying part G25 for the outside supplier?