Bravo Baking identified the costs below to determine its cost of one unit of product and its monthly operating costs.The units produced is 14,000.

Table A Variable Fixed

Materials used in baking bread 2.29

Factory Supervisor Salaries 0.12

Bakers Wages 2.29

Rent for Execitive offices 3000

Factory Supervisor Salaries 3500

Utilities used in the factory 0.50

Advertising costs 1000

Delivery truck depreciation 400

Depreciation on bake ovens 0.07

Interest on bank loan 500

Total costs $5.27 $8400.00

Price Charged per unit $7.77

I need the solutions to the below questions by using the information in Table A

Using the costs from Table A compute the below questions.

A) Breakeven units (rounded to 2 decimal places)

B) Break-even sales dollars

C) Contribution Margin

D) Contribution Margin Ratio (%)

Part II Complete the following requirements

A) If Bravo requires a profit of $5,000 how many units must it sell?

B) What is the total revenue from A above?

C) If Bravo actually sells 8,000 units (Hint: Use Break Even $ from B Above)

1) What is the margin of safety in Dollars

2) What is the margin of safety percentage?