2. Listed below are selected account balances for Bushing Company for June 30:

Accounts payable $29,000

Accounts receivable 11,300

Accumulated depreciation 19,500

Buildings 35,000

Cash 31,000

Contributed capital 30,000

Cost of goods sold 14,600

Equipment 45,000

Interest payable 12,000

Land 40,000

Merchandise inventory 52,400

Notes payable, current portion 13,500

Notes payable, long term 33,500

Prepaid insurance 4,000

Retained earnings 81,100

Supplies on hand 3,900

Trademarks 6,000

Wages expense 22,500

Wages payable 10,000

Please calculate and enter your answers for the following totals. You should show your calculations:

(a) Current assets

(b) Current Liabilities

(c) Property, plant, and equipment

(d) Total assets

(e) Long-term liabilities

(f) Total liabilities

(g) Total stockholders’ equity

(h) Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity