Viren Corporation has provided the following data from its activity-based costing system:

Activity Cost Pool Total Cost Total Activity

Assembly $387,000 25,000 machine-hours

Processing orders $68,510 1,700 orders

Inspection $129,117 1,930 inspection-hours

The company makes 240 units of product T91H a year, requiring a total of 550 machine hours, 90 orders, and 40 inspection hours per year. The product’s direct materials cost is $16.98 per unit, and its direct labor cost is $12.09 per unit. According to the activity-based costing system, the average cost of product T91H is closest to _______ per unit.

A. $75.70

B. $79.66

C. $90.81

D. $29.07

–>THE ANSWER IS ***NOT*** $75.70. Already tried that!