Redundancy can be a major problem in the design and operation of relational databases. If a database uses only one relation to store data, several problems may subsequently occur. The problem of changes (or updates) to data values being incorrectly recorded is known as (Points : 2)

an update anomaly.

an insert anomaly.

a delete anomaly.

a memory anomaly

Why is computer fraud often more difficult to detect than other types of fraud? (Points : 2)

Rarely is cash stolen in computer fraud.

The fraud may leave little or no evidence it ever happened.

Computers provide more opportunities for fraud.

Computer fraud perpetrators are just cleverer than other types of criminals.

3. (TCO 7) Chelsana Washington is a medical equipment sales representative. Her company has provided her with a laptop computer that uses wireless connectivity to access the accounting information system from virtually anywhere in the country. She, and the other sales reps, have read access to customer and product information. They have write access that allows them to enter and cancel customer orders. These permissions define a(an) ______ in the company’s database management system. (Points : 2)



data dictionary

physical view

4. (TCO 2) This control framework’s intent includes helping the organization to provide reasonable assurance that objectives are achieved and problems are minimized, and to avoid adverse publicity and damage to the organization’s reputation. (Points : 2)

ISACF’s control objectives for information and related technology

COSO’s internal control framework

COSO’s enterprise risk management framework

None of the above

5. (TCO 7) Which statement below is false regarding the basic requirements of the relational data model? (Points : 2)

“Every column in a row must be single-valued.”

“All non-key attributes in a table should describe a characteristic about the object identified by the primary key.”

“Foreign keys, if not null, must have values that correspond to the value of a primary key in another table.”

“Primary keys can be null.”