Question true or false with error correction
In designing an AIS, system developers should design the outputs of the system first, not the inputs.

26. The term “cost/benefit” is most closely associated with the economic feasibility of a proposed accounting information system.

27. For a system to be totally feasible, all feasibility areas must be considered in the

28. Prototyping is an approach to systems design whereby a design team develops a simplified shell of working software for a proposed information system.

29. An advantage of prototyping is that models are usually developed without the aid of a computer.

30. When comparing computer vendor proposals, the reputations of these vendors should also be evaluated.

31. In selecting a vendor finalist, a steering committee can use a point-scoring analysis to evaluate the proposals of alternate computer vendors.

32. Systems study work ends when the follow up analysis shows that no further adjustments need to be made to the newly implemented system.

33. The implementation and initial operation phase of a systems study is also known as the “action” phase of a systems study.

34. One implementation problem is installing a new system that is not adequately documented or tested.