The following information, based on the 12/31/09 Annual Report to Shareholders of Krafty Foods ($ in millions):

Accounts payable 1897
Accounts receivable (net) 3131
Accrues liabilities and taxes 4105
Cash and cash equivalents 162
Cost of Sales 17531
Current payables to parent and affiliates 1652
Deferred income taxes and oth liabilities 10311
Current portion of longterm debt 540
Earnings retained in business 12/31/09 2391
Goodwill and other intangible assets -net 35957
Income tax expense 1565
Interest and other debt 1437
Inventories 3026
Long term debt 8134
Long term notes payable to affiliates 5000
Marketing, general and admin expenses 11460
Operating revenues 33875
Other current assets 687
Other noncurrent assets 3726
Other stockholders equity (2568)
Paid-in capital for common and pref stock 23655
Property, plant and equipment 9109
Short-term borrowings 681

Based on the info presented here prepare the 2009 Income Statement for Krafty Foods