Below are cost and measures of activity in a variety of organizations. Classify each cost as variable or fixed with respect to the indicated measure of activity by listing out the numbered item and a “V” for variable or an “F” for fixed cost. For exampel: 1F, 2F, etc.

Cost / Measure of Activity

1. The cost of Xray film used in the radiology lab at Virginia Mason Hospital / Number of Xrays taken

2. Cost of advertising a rock concert in NYC / Number of rock concert tickets sold

3. Cost of renting retail space for McDonalds restaurant in Hong Kong / Total sales at the restaurant

4. Electrical cost of running a roller coaster at Magic Mt. / Number of times the roller coaster is run

5. Property taxes paid by yoru local cinema theater / Number of tickets sold

6. Cost of sales commissions paid to salespersons at Nordtrom store / Total sales at the store

7. Property insurance on a Coca-Cola bottling plant / Number of cases of bottles produced

8. Costs of synthetic materials used to make a particular model of running shoe / Number of shoes of that model produced

9. Costs of shipping Panasonic TVs to retail stores / The number of TVs sold

10. Cost of leasing an ultrascan diagnostic machine a hospital in Paris / The number of patients how are scanned with the machine