22. The balance sheet of Ms. Prompt Truck Rental on December 31st is as follows:

After December 31st, M/s Prompt Truck Rental had the following transactions for a short period:

a. Bought office equipment at a cost of $2,700. Paid in cash.

b. Collected $4,000 of accounts receivable.

c. Paid $3,200 of accounts payable.

d. Borrowed $10,000 from a bank. Signed a note payable for that amount.

e. Purchased two trucks for $30,500. Paid $15,000 cash and signed a note payable for the balance.

f. Sold additional stock to investors for $75,000.


1. List the December 31st balances of assets, liabilities and owner’s equity in tabular form as shown above.

2. Record the effects of each of the six transactions in the preceding tabular order.

3. Show the total for all columns after each transaction.