Women’s Health Care, Inc. is owned and operated by Dr. Carrie Mills, the sole stockholder. During January 2010, Women’s Health Care engaged in the following external transactions:

1 Leased vacant space in the building to a law firm for 6 months, receiving the rent in advance, $9600.

1 Paid premium on a 1-year insurance policy, $4800.

1 Paid rent for the month on medical equipment, $4200.

7 Collected $21,900 on account from patients.

9 Purchased supplies on account, $1140.

10 Received $55,000 from Dr. Mills in exchange for common stock.

14 Paid vendors on account, $1920.

20 Provided services to patients, receiving cash at the time of service, $8200.

25 Billed patients for services provided on account, $29,700.

26 Paid utilities for the month, $925.

27 Paid miscellaneous expenses, $780.

28 Paid wages, $18,120.

31 Paid dividends to Dr. Mills, $10,000. (We have not yet covered how to journalize this transaction. Omit the transaction analysis, and record the journal entry as a debit to Dividends Declared and a credit to Cash. You should be able to complete the financial statement analysis. )