Suppose the inflation rate is expected to be 7% next year, 5% the following year, and 3% thereafter. Assume that the real risk-free rate, r*, will remain at 2% and that maturity risk premiums on Treasury securities rise from zero on very short-term bonds (those that mature in a few days) to 0.2% for 1-year securities. Furthermore, maturity risk premiums increase 0.2% for each year to maturity, up to a limit of 1.0% on 5 year or longer-term T-bonds.

a. Calculate the interest rate on 1-,2-,2-,4-,5-,10-, and 20 year Treasury securities and plot the yield curve.

b. Suppose a AAA-rated company had bonds witht he same maturities as the Treasury bonds. Estimate and plot what you believe a AAA-rated company’s yield curve would look like on the same graph with the Treasury bond yield curve.

c. On the same graph, plot the apporx. yield curve of a much riskier lower-rated company with a much higher risk of defaulting on it’s bonds.

Can someone please help me to find the points to plot? I can graph it but I don’t know the points.