Module Code:MANG6487Assessment:Individual ProposalWeighting:50
Module Title:Foundations of Research in Accounting & Finance
Module Leader:Ishmael Tingbani
Submission Due Date: @ 16:0025th August, 2021Word Count:2000-2500
Method of Submission:Electronic via Blackboard Turnitin ONLY (Please ensure that your name does not appear on any part of your work)
Any submitted after 16:00 on the deadline date will be subject to the standard University late penalties (see below), unless an extension has been granted, in writing by the Senior Tutor, in advance of the deadline. University Working Days Late:           Mark: (final agreed mark) * 0.9(final agreed mark) * 0.8(final agreed mark) * 0.7(final agreed mark) * 0.6(final agreed mark) * 0.5 More than 5                                            0
This assessment hasthe followingllearning module outcomes:     
A. Knowledge and UnderstandingA1. Demonstrate understanding of research methodologies; A2. Understand and critically analyse academic papers. 
B. Subject Specific Intellectual and Research SkillsB1. Interpret the results of data analysis, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of different methods; B2. Prepare an effective research proposal, formulate research questions, and choose appropriate data collection methods and analysis. 
C. Transferable and Generic SkillsC1. Apply analysis skills, which include qualitative data interpretation and quantitative analysis skills; C2. Apply critical analytical skills on research projects; C3. Plan and control effectively for successful completion of workload; C4. Communicate effectively in writing, using and justifying argument within reports. 
INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH PROPOSAL BRIEF: This should include the following aspects. Research purpose Introduction: introduce the research problematisation that underlies your choice of topic and its background or connection to the relevant literature/evidence. What is the research all about? Why is it important or interesting? Overall aim(s) and objective(s) and research question(s)   Literature review What research has been undertaken before in your area? Identify and explain the key journal papers.   Methodology Which research paradigm do you intend to use and why is it most appropriate? What theoretical framework do you intend to use? What are your research hypotheses or research questions?   Research methods What are your data sources going to be (data bases, questionnaires, interviews etc)? What method of analysis are you likely to use?   Critique of project What limitations do you envisage of your research? Research project timetable. References Ensure your proposal is fully and properly referenced.     Nature of Assessment: This is a SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT. See ‘Weighting’ section above for the percentage that this assignment counts towards your final module mark.   Word Limit: +/-10% either side of the word count (see above) is deemed acceptable. Any text that exceeds an additional 10% will not attract any marks. The relevant word count includes a cover page, executive summary, title page, table of contents, tables, figures, in-text citations and section headings if used. The relevant word count excludes your list of references and any appendices at the end of your coursework submission. You should always include the word count (from Microsoft Word, not Turnitin), at the end of your coursework submission, before your list of references.   Title/Cover Page: You must include a title/ cover page that includes: your Student ID, Module Code, Assignment Title, Word Count. This assignment will be marked anonymously, and please ensure that your name does not appear on any part of your assignment.   References: You should use the Harvard style to reference your assignment. The library guides how to reference in the Harvard style, and this is available from   Submission Deadline:  Not later than 16.00 on 25th August, 2021.   Turnitin Submission: The assignment MUST be submitted electronically via Turnitin, accessed via the individual module on Blackboard. Further guidance on submitting assignments is available on the Blackboard support pages.   You must allow enough time before the submission deadline to ensure your submission is processed on time as all late submissions are subject to a late penalty. We recommend you allow 30 minutes to upload your work and check the submission has been processed and correct. Please make sure you submit to the correct assignment link.   You will know that your submission has completed successfully when you see a message stating ‘Congratulations – your submission is complete…’. It would help if you made a note of your Submission ID (Digital Receipt Number). This is a unique receipt number for your submission and is proof of successful submission. You may be required to provide this number at a later date. We recommend that you take a screenshot of this page, or note the number down on a piece of paper. You should also receive an email receipt containing this number, and the number can be found after submitting by following this guide. This method of checking your submission is beneficial if you don’t receive an email receipt.   You are allowed to test-submit your assignment via Turnitin before the due date. You can use Turnitin to check your assignment for plagiarism before you submit your final version. See “Viewing Your Originality Report” for guidance. Please see the Module Leader/lecturer on your module if you would like advice on the Turnitin Originality report.   The last submission before the deadline will be treated as the final submission and will be the copy that is assessed by the marker.   It is your responsibility to ensure that the version received by the deadline is the final version, resubmissions after the deadline will not be accepted in any circumstances.   Important: If you have any problems during the submission process, you should contact ServiceLine immediately by email at or by phone on +44 (0)23 8059 5656.   Late Penalties: Further information on penalties for work submitted after the deadline can be found here.   Special Considerations: If you believe that illness or other circumstances have adversely affected your academic performance, information regarding the regulations governing Special Considerations can be accessed via the Calendar:  
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