Compute a final numerical answer for each of the following problems. You should work out your solutions on loose leaf paper, however, I may or may not collect your worked out solutions. To be safe, however, I suggest that you write out a solution for every problem and be ready to turn it in if asked. For any problems that require multiple steps, be sure to carry all intermediate step calculations to at least four (4) decimal places to ensure that your final numerical answer is as precise as possible.

When recording your final numerical answers on iCollege, round all dollar answers to 2 decimal places, round time (years or months) answers to one (1) decimal place and record interest rates as percent values rounded to one (1) decimal place. However, be sure to input a dollar sign, commas, or percent sign on iCollege. For example, record $3,284.33965 as 3284.34, record 37.285432 years as 37.3 and record .064358 = 6.4358% as 6.4.


You just decided to begin saving for retirement.You will make deposits of $1,000 per month into a retirement account that earns 8.00% p.a.The first deposit is made today and the last deposit will be made when you retire exactly 30 years from today. The day you retire you will buy an RV for $240,000. You will begin to make withdrawals from the account the first month after you retire.If you plan to live an addition 25 years, you will be able to withdraw $_____.(Note: you make 300 total monthly withdrawals from your retirement account.)